There are many different types of driving lessons available to suit your individual needs. These include:

Driving lessons for Beginners or Partly Trained Drivers

Whether you are a complete beginner or someone with some previous experience, all lessons will be designed around your individual needs. From the subjects covered to the routes we take.

If you are a beginner your first lesson will take place on the nearest suitable quiet road, where you will not be put under any unnecessary pressure from other road users.

New subjects will be introduced in a logical, structured sequence to ensure that you are presented with a minimum of new skills to deal with at any one time. This way each lesson will naturally progress from the previous one.

Each subject will be explained, sometimes with the use of diagrams or sketches, and demonstrated if necessary before you attempt it for yourself. I will guide and encourage you as you go. If we experience difficulties, we will discuss the problem and work out a solution together.That way you will be in control of your own learning.

As you ability increases and you become more confident, the level of instruction will decrease. I will always be there to guide you when required, but you will soon find that you will be able to drive independently.

Never be afraid to ask questions, however silly you think the question might sound. There you are no silly questions. If you don’t know the answer, you need to ask to find out. I will always be happy to help you work out solutions to problems.

Each lesson will begin with a quick reminder of the things we did previously, before we agree upon our objectives for the coming lesson. At the end we will have a recap of the things we have achieved, and note down things that we feel we might try to achieve during the next lesson. You will not just be ‘driving around’.

You will be given your own Personal Progress / Appointment Card at the beginning of the course. We will fill this in together, so that you will be able to see your progress through the various subjects. This way you will be able to see what level you are at and what subjects are left to cover.

It will also be helpful to anyone that might take you out for private practise in between lessons, to ensure that you are practising topics that you have learned about and can cope with.

Over the years, I have heard several horror stories from people that have taken lessons with some of the less professional driving instructors that are out there.

Let me assure you that:

  • I DON’T shout or get annoyed if you make mistakes. Mistakes happen – it’s all part of learning. If a mistake is made we’ll keep calm, learn from it together and move on.
  • I DON’T smoke, or allow anyone else to smoke in my car at any time. Firstly it would be illegal to smoke in my car as it is a place of work, and secondly I would like the car to be as pleasant an environment to learn in as possible.
  • I NEVER answer my phone or make calls during lessons (messages can be left though as the answer phone is always on).
  • I NEVER use your lesson time for my own personal business, such as making phone calls, popping into shops or collecting laundry etc (yes, I have heard of these things happening).
  • I NEVER carry pets in my car, even during my own time. I am sure you don’t want to sit in a car smelling of pets and covered in dog hair!
  • I NEVER operate a ‘piggy back’ system. This is when student 1 ends their lesson at the student 2’s home. Student 2 is then expected to take Student 1 home as part of their lesson.
I’m sure that you, like me, would not expect any of these things to occur during your lessons, but believe it or not, these are just a few of the things that I know some instructors actually do!

Hourly or Semi-intensive Driving Lessons

Lessons are normally 1hr, 90mins or 2hrs long. Getting the right balance is important, but we can discuss this and decide which best suits your personal needs and circumstances. Generally longer lessons are best, as they allow more time to learn new things and to practise them whilst they are still fresh in your mind.

Longer lessons also allow more time for you to travel further afield to increase your experience of different driving situations that may otherwise be beyond reach in a shorter lesson.

However, I understand that not everyone is suited to the longer lessons. Especially if they find it difficult to concentrate for long periods at a time. The most important thing is that we find the best solution for you that will help you learn in the most efficient way.

How many lessons you take each week is again down to you, and is largely down to how quickly you want to learn to drive. I would advise you, though, not to attempt to go for more than 2 hours at a time without a break. You need time to reflect between lessons. Taking regular lessons is more important for good progression.

I always try to leave plenty of time between appointments, so that we have time to finish the lessons properly, and not have to rush off leaving questions unanswered.

I am happy to pick up and drop off at any convenient place, provided that it is arranged before the lesson. this could be at your home,  school, college or workplace etc..

As you won’t be able to make written notes whilst driving, all pupils are provided with free lesson revision notes. These explain the main topics covered during your lessons. They are produced by myself and are not available elsewhere.

One to One Theory Lessons

All of my pupils are given the opportunity to have FREE full access to ‘Theory Test Pro’, which is probably the best online theory test study platform available. There are also a multitude of books available for use as study material.

If you find it difficult to study on your own or to motivate yourself to study for the theory test, you might want to take some ‘One to One’ sessions where we can go through the subject matter together.

It is sometimes easier to understand the reasoning behind many of the subjects when you can discuss it with someone who can explain it in your terms, face to face. Having planned  theory lessons also means that the temptation to leave it for tomorrow is also removed.

Motorway Lessons

The thought of driving on motorways can be quite scary for some people. If you want to gain some experience of these types of road this course is for you. It would take a minimum of 3 hours, due to the fact that the nearest motorway is nearly 40 miles from Boston.

Learner drivers are now allowed to drive on motorways before passing their driving test, provided they have reached a suitable standard of competence and are accompanied by an ADI in an official driving school car with dual controls.

Refresher Courses

These vary in content, depending upon your circumstances and what you are looking to gain from them.

They are aimed at those that maybe haven’t driven for a while, and are just looking to get their confidence back or possibly someone that simply wants to upgrade their skills.

It could be someone that has been disqualified from driving, and needs to refresh their skills before retaking their driving test to regain their full driving licence.

Whatever your needs; call me today to arrange your first lesson

Peter Waters – Roadmaster School of Motoring

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