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Be taught by a fully qualified DVSA Approved Driving Instructor

with years of experience and a FIRST TIME pass rate of over 75%*

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Did you know that nationally, only 45% of people pass their first driving test, and around 30% take at least 3 attempts before passing?

I am proud of the fact that since 2001, when I started Roadmaster School Of Motoring, over 75% of all my pupils have passed first time.

To achieve this requires team work. 

If we work together and follow a basic ‘tried and tested’ formula, you will give yourself the best chance of passing first time and save yourself money too. 

There are 10 basic elements to successful lessons:

1.  Take regular lessons. Plan to go every week and take longer lessons if you can.

2.  Be prepared for your lessons and be ready on time. If you are not ready on time, it is your money you are wasting!

3.  at the start of each lesson we will have a brief recap of the previous lesson, and set objectives for the lesson to come. This way you will know what you are trying to achieve each time.

4.  At the end of each lesson we will summarise what has been achieved and any key points to carry over to the next lessons.

5.  The course of lessons will be structured in such a way that means each lesson follows on from the last. This reduces the amount of new skills that you have to take on each time.

6.  Between lessons you should take time to reflect upon, and self evaluate your performance during each lesson.  If there was something particular that you had a problem with, you may be able to come up with a way around it ready for next time. Discuss your ideas with me at the start of the next lesson. We can both achieve much more if we work as a team!

7.  Make sure that you feel both confident and have the ability to drive unaided before taking your test. Neither confidence or ability are any good on their own. You need both in equal measure to succeed.

8.  Listen to the professional advice given to you. Don’t follow gossip and rumours from your friends. They may mean well, but they can easily spread confusion in your mind about how you should drive. If in doubt ask me, I will help you decide if there is any merit to their ‘advice’.

9.  Try to think positive!Before you go for your test you will be able to drive safely to the required standard, otherwise you would not have been encouraged to take your test in the first place.

10. On test, drive as you normally do! Examiners are not looking for miracles, just a simple, safe drive will do fine. Don’t try to impress. Just do the things you have been used to doing during your lessons.

I have followed this basic strategy for several years now, and it WORKS!


When it comes to pass rates, think about this:

Almost all driving instructor will tell you that they have a high pass rate. 

Well they’re not likely to tell you that they don’t are they! 

But how do you measure it, and how many have the figures to back up their claim?

I have heard claims of 100% pass rates, based on the fact that everyone passes eventually, however many attempts it takes! That’s one way of looking at things, I suppose, but it does make it a rather meaningless statistic.


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*calculated from results of all tests taken since 2001.